WoW Classic Aliance Quest Profile 1-60 [WIP] [PLACEHOLDER]

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    Hello everyone.

    This Thread is for the moment my Placeholder and a preparation of the entire Project.

    The Full Project (When released) will be viable at the Store and at the Premium Profile Section

    With this Project your as close as possible to full automatic 1-60

    [ATM IM ON 1-54, 54 to 60 will be done in the next 2 weeks if nothing happens]


    Full automated fast Questing Route 1-60 (created with the help of Zygor Guides)

    Added Vendor and Trainer [WIP]

    Including some Starter Class Q [WIP]

    Using Hearthstone for fast Travel

    Using Train,Ships and Flightpoints for fast traveling

    Automatic Talents for a good PvE Experience

    Need some work:

    Current standing:

    Tips for using this Profile

    About my Project

    i Try to Create a huge WoW classic Questing Profile which contains nearly a 100% automatic confident (or as close as possible)

    this contains. Selling,Vendor,Trainer,Taveling with FP,Trams,Rotations and ofc Questing.

    Classic is a complete different Gamestyle compared to Retail. its a lot more harder,mobs hurt more and Questing takes a lot longer which makes it pretty time consuming.

    im Starting atm with Alliance but creating horde next to it like im in the right feeling of it.

    You can Watch my work on Twitch,YT,Trovo&Kick where you can follow me,subscribe and more to support me for my work

  • Short update: I'm at the moment on lvl 58.

    Having next week vacation and will hopefully finish lvl 60 while fixing bugs and issues on the way.

    Adding more vendor and repair NPC

    Fixing some Q where farm areas where problematic

    Adding and replacing Q or areas cause of new/removed bot functions

    Adding lvl steps for visiting trainer

    Adding lower class q for important class Q

    Putting profiles together for better overview

    This profile is doing a lot but will not 100% full afk !!!!

  • the project is finished for like 2-3 weeks or at least in a good state. Issue is. The Bot has atm a bit of issues with ban waves like it seems and the Jack Stuff wont sell atm any Profiles on the store for security reasons as its not cleared whats the reason of the banwaves