Knutschfisch won't start

  • Hi,

    I installed the Launcher, have an active license and installed Knutschfisch, selected my WoW TBC Classic Folder and Added Bottie to Windows Defender exceptions, its says itself its fine.
    But when i press start at the Knutschfisch Section it won't start.

    Whats wrong?

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    make sure your firewall settings allow outbound connections from Bottie (Knutschfisch/Grinder).

    At best, add the entire folder in which your Bottie Launcher is located to the exceptions of Windows Defender and/or your anti-virus software.

    If the message still appears, simply restart the PC. Windows Defender is usually very arbitrary when it comes to exceptions.

    Here you can find a tutorial how to add an exclusion to Windows Defender:…fd-af4a-47e4-c301afe13b26

  • hi,

    i can not start the Knutschfisch because i forgot to add the bottie folder into the exceptions and my virus program deleted some files in the folder and now i am trying to delete all the files and re-install it again but when i try to delete the folder it says you can not delete it because it is still open although it is not. How can i re-install the Knutschfisch? please help