[FREE] Port your Knutschfisch/Ultimate license(s) to Bubbles

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    You can now port your Knutschfisch or Knutschfisch Ultimate license(s) to Bubbles for free.

    Your Bottie licenses will remain active after porting.

    Use one of the following options:

    Option 1 - Automatically via Discord

    # Login to your Bottie account at https://login.bottie.net

    # Copy your discord verfication code:

    Please login to see this attachment.

    # Join our Discord: Click here

    # Enter the #commander channel.

    # Type in: !verify MyCopiedCode

    If your verification was successful you will see the following message:

    Please login to see this attachment.

    If you don't already have an Jack or Bubbles account, create a new account on https://wow-jack.com or https://wow-bubbles.com.

    (With a Jack account you can log into Bubbles and vice versa.)

    Now you can port your license(s).

    For porting your Knutschfisch license(s):

    # Type in: !port Knutschfisch MyJackOrBubblesUsername

    For porting your Knutschfisch Ultimate license(s):

    # Type in: !port Ultimate MyJackOrBubblesUsername

    Option 2 - Contact us

    Write down the following data:

    # Your Bottie username or email address.

    # Your Jack or Bubbles username or email address.

    and send the data to:

    # E-Mail: info@bottie.net

    # or via Discord: Coperator or Trainee

    # or here in the forum via PM: Coperator or Trainee

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